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Negin pushal
Gives the highest capability of discharging color and has a large volume. This is the best type of Saffron is available in Iran.
The expected color strength: 230 units

Sargol Saffron
These types of Saffron produce by removing (cutting) the style from the stigma.
This quality has the lowest amount of floral waste and moisture. This qualities Contains only pure stigmas
The expected color strength: 230 units


Pushal Saffron
This quality has a large potential for discharging color and a higher volume. This type of Saffron is the most popular type of Saffron in Iran and consist the red stigmas joined together at the end of portion with a bit of yellow style at the end.
The expected color strength:220 unit

Cut Saffron
This type of Saffron is obtained from Bunch Saffron by cutting the main part of styles .This quality is very similar to the pushal quality by it consist larger threat and more style.
The expected color strength: 200

Original bunch Saffron
This type of Saffron is the original form of bunch contains the whole Saffron filament. 
The expected color strength : 170

Has a very little color discharge property and it is mainly used for its aroma.

Delivery and PACKING

We pack saffron in fully hygienic conditions in 250 -500 gr. plastic or tin containers
Please take note that we always make deliveries by air.

Your full satisfactory of our Saffron quality is guaranteed.

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